Friday, July 31, 2015

America is Not Broke: A Book-based slideshow presentation at the Henry George School

I was pleased to present a slideshow based on my book, "America is Not Broke!" at the Ecuadorian Consulate in NYC, sponsored by the Henry George School of Social Sciences in New York, where I am an Adjunct Teacher.

I presented information of 4 multi-trillion dollar solutions to the national, state and local debt including:
1. Sovereign Money, aka Greenbacking
2. Land Value Taxation, aka Georgism
3. Public Banking
4. Not discussed but in the book - Ending Government Financial Asset Hoarding (GFAH)

The full session ran 2 hours. What follows is a slightly condensed version (1.5 hours) video of the event.

The accompanying slideshow may be found here:

And the version with my notes here:


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