Friday, June 26, 2015

Radio Interview on "America is Not Broke!" by Jim Hogue, Host of The House on Pooh Corner

During my third 1 1/2 hour interview by Vermont Public Banking/Monetary Reformer radio show host Jim Hogue, host of "The House on Pooh Corner" we talked about my newly published book, "America is Not Broke!" available on Amazon and from the publisher, Tayen Lane in ebook, softcover and hardcover.
The topics followed the 4 main chapters in the book: Monetary Reform, Georgism, Public Banking, and Government Financial Asset Hoarding. We also talked about banks, their role in derailing the economy and the risk they take and expose all of us to and why it's allowed to continue. The solutions offered in the book show a way out. I hope you will have a listen.

The show link is archived here:

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